Saturday, May 31, 2014

05/31/14 - Overwatch Apparel - Site is almost there!

Mark Lim - I spent a good portion of the morning working on building our website. I ran into a couple problems with image file sizes being so big so I had to remove some of the textured backgrounds so it loads faster.

Here's a screenshot of the live site: (

If you look at This Post from yesterday you'll see the mock up I did and compare. You can see that I ended up removing some stuff to optimize it for load time.

There's still a lot of little bug things that need to ironed out and some bios that I need to write but it's getting there!

05/31/14 - Overwatch Apparel - Weekend Activities!

Mark Lim - It looks like this weekend is going to be jam packed with Overwatch Apparel stuff which is good because I'd probably just sleep all day and play Clash of Clans which I seem to suck really bad at anyway. I think my fingers are too fat to click precisely on my stupid Iphone 4.

Ok, so the first task I have to do this weekend for Overwatch is to actually build the website. I designed it a couple hours ago but actually building it is whole other pain in the ass. It'll probably take me the entire day to finish the site.

I also want to level up this blog too. Right now it looks like this:

It looks pretty crappy but if I have time I will snazz it up with some jazz.

I was going to start designing a new shirt this weekend but it looks like my plate is full and we gotta lay the groundwork first.

One business tip I have for future self when i'm re-reading this either when I'm old and rich or poor and selling my organs on the black market is that I shouldn't give a shit.

What always has held me back with my old business is my fear of what people will perceive of me especially when I do creative work. It's hard to put yourself out there for people to judge but I just have to keep telling myself that no one gives a shit and that a key quality most successful people have is that they don't give a shit if others give a shit.

Does this now mean I'm going to wear sweat pants all the time? Yes. That's the price of success.

Hopefully this blog will look good tomorrow and I'll start posting stuff on facebook.

05/30/14 - New Website for!

Mark Lim - We put up a quick website for but nothing works yet.

We used some dummy images and Austin put a picture of him on the site and photoshopped a fake beard to hide a cold sore. It lead to another idea that we should wear tactical beards whenever we went to gun shows to promote shirts which I thought would be pretty funny, and itchy.

I wanted the site to be a little grittier and more detailed so I did another mock up for the site this evening:

I made 3 mock ups before this, each weirder than the last and decided to go with a basic boxy layout instead of the whole crazy wide open area look.

It'll probably be easier to build since it's pretty basic and it will be easier to convert to look good on smartphones.

I'll start working on skinning the site tomorrow morning so we can have it up over the weekend.