Wednesday, May 28, 2014

05/28/14 - My First Gun!

Mark Lim - Yes! Austin got me a gun as a bonus and it's pretty awesome. You can tell how nerdy I am by the miniature figurines and terrain in the background.

It's a Taurus revolver and it shoots .357 and .38. I don't know much about guns but I point at stuff I want to explode. I did miss 2 questions on the handgun test. Something about the safety not being the primary safety measure and I forgot the other one, probably something like not loading the barrel with black powder and filling it with rusty nails.

I didn't end up getting to take the gun shooting with the guys at the office because I was really sick. I also didn't end up picking up my gun from Bullseye Sport at the specified time because they needed a utility bill as a proof or residence but my every bill in the damn house is under my wife's name. Everything else I pay electronically so I had to call the gas company to change the name on the account and send me it in the mail.

I had never been so happy to get a gas bill in the mail in my entire life.

Thanks Austin!