Thursday, May 29, 2014

05/29/14 - New Overwatch Apparel T-Shirt Design!

Mark Lim - It's been a really long time since I made a new shirt but I forced myself to draw and was able to come up with something. Since we're focusing on the 3 Percenter crowd I figured you can't go wrong with Guns and Skulls.

I forgot how much of a pain in the ass it is to make screens but after getting some new equipment and materials it was actually a piece of cake.

Ok, now I'm going to write a little note to my future self to make my life a little easier for my next shirt. Mark, when you are planning to burn a screen with high detail, 180 mesh is not enough. You need 200 mesh, dummy!

And get a red photosensitive bulb for the freaking garage so you don't trip and fall over shit in the dark.

Also, don't go crazy on the hose. You end up blowing out all the detail.

Here's a pic of the finished shirt:

I'll send this to Austin and see what he thinks of it.