Monday, June 23, 2014

Starting a Business with a Partner and The Power of Magic Mushrooms

Mark Lim - About 10 years ago I started a T-Shirt company with my friend John from high school called Thorax Clothing. I think we sold 1 shirt total to some guy in Hawaii and we actually sent him the wrong one so we lost money.

At the time I couldn't understand it. We were both smart, creative and full of ideas but for some reason things never worked out and now some guy in Hawaii is using our shirt to carry coconuts.

It might have been because we both had different ideas on the theme and style of the company but most likely it was because we both were massively lazy.

After we decided to give up I started by myself which became successful. Looking back, I realize that we probably could have made Thorax Clothing popular but we just were young and stupid. We didn't create a division of responsibility and we didn't compromise on our ideals which caused us to call it quits. We did however purchase magic mushrooms and ate them in Vegas where everything turned into that Take On Me by A-Ha music video. Sorry John, our parents were going to find out some time.

Now that I'm starting with Austin, I want to use my experiences at sucking at working with a partner and turn things around.

Today I decided to create a list of things we would be responsible for so that we don't step on each others toes and that we can concentrate on what we do best.

The toughest thing for me to do is to give up creativity. I had a vision for our new company but I had to take a back seat because Austin has been kicking ass with the way he's been doing designs, marketing, and selling. It was hard for me to not be the focus of all the attention and I can't let it demotivate me.

Working with a partner is pretty tough. I know Austin has been burned before and it's hard for him too and everything is going to have a steep learning curve. You have to trust each other. 

I guess the most important things I have to remember are:
  • Don't be stubborn with your vision
  • Divide responsibility and motivate each other to get things done
  • Don't do mushrooms.
Take On MEEEEE TAKE ONNN MEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!