Monday, June 2, 2014

06/02/14 - Overwatch Apparel - Plan for the week!

Mark Lim - We're really close to launching everything but just need to take care of some stuff before we do.

Stuff I plan to do this week:

1) Make the Website Mobile - This is always a pain because it's hard to make your site work for every device out there. More and more people are using their phones to view sites so I've got to find a way to optimize our shopping cart for mobile.

2) Fix the Damn Menu Problem - For some reason the menu on the website freaks out when you try to click on T-Shirts and Products. We'll get our tech guy on this because I can't seem to figure it out. *Dan figured this out in like 10 seconds after he took a dump and thought about it.

3) Make sure Link Colors Match - I think we got some weird color issues going on.

4) Create a Wholesale Page - We've got to work on our price points and how much we plan to sell wholesale shirts for. Math :(

5) Create an About Us Page - I'll write some bios about us and what we stand for.

6) Create a Contact Page - I'll just use Contact Enhanced plugin to create a contact form for our site.

7) Set up Emails - Just what I need, another email address I forget to check.

8) Add Relevant Shirts from Poison Apple - I'm going to add some of my old designs on the new site if they fit the theme

9) Fix Up The Blog - I need to make the blog look as good as the website - *Worked on it on Monday and made it look presentable. I'd like to get a picture of me and Austin working on shirts in my garage for the main image but I had my wife take one of me working as a place holder. I also started putting pictures on instead of uploading them straight to blogspot. I'm not quite sure but maybe it will help the website ranking if Google knows that places are taking images from the site. Here's a screenshot of how it looks right now:

10) Set Up Separate Paypal - We need to create a Paypal account Austin and I can share

11) Add Google Analytics - Austin needs to do this because I totally forgot how 

I'm sure there's 100 more things that need to be done but I really need to knock all this stuff out before we get to making more fun designs