Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Social Media and How they Make Hot Dogs
Mark Lim - Social Media is what made things click for PoisonApple. It gave me a place to not only sell the shirts I designed but let my customers experience the whole process of making a shirt from the hand drawn sketches I would post to the actual burning of the screens used to make the T-Shirt.

Giving people interesting content makes the customers feel like a part of the process, kind of like when I watch them make hot dogs on "How It's Made" and it really makes me want a hot dog. 

Sharing on social media is a daily drudge that must be done every single day for Google to shower you with their algorithmic love. We've had excellent luck with Instagram lately for Overwatch and Bullseye Sport. (a local gun store we are doing the marketing for)

The trick is simple. Give people free stuff. That's it. You have to have giveaway contests if you plan to gain traction. What we did for both companies is to offer free 555 rounds of Winchester 22lr when we reached 1555 followers. Within a week we jumped from 8 followers all the way up to 1600+.

Many of those people will probably unfollow after the contest is finished but hopefully you'll retain enough to have a good base to market to. Getting people to share and repost your content is more valuable than gold, or 555 rounds of Winchester 22lr.

So here are the takeaways that I've learned:

1) Social Media has to be done every day on every platform (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogging, Linkedin, Google+, etc)

2) Give people free stuff. They will love you till that stuff has been given to them.

3) I want a hot dog