Saturday, May 24, 2014

05/24/14 - Overwatch Apparel Another New T-Shirt Design by Austin!

Mark Lim - Here's another 3 Percenter shirt Austin made. This time it's a pretty blocky design:

I had a little trouble printing this at first because of the large format. I ended up separating the design on to two screens instead of trying to squish everything on to one. This allowed me to make a bigger design.

I think we got 125 mesh screens for this one because I knew it was going to be such a solid print. We probably should have got 80 mesh for a bolder print.

The original design was supposed to be a washed out gray but unfortunately I didn't have that color and McLogan's Screen Printing didn't have it either.

After watching some videos on YouTube I figured the best way to do a shirt like this would be through a process using discharge ink. (google that shit, it's pretty cool)

One thing that always bothered me with my screen printing machine is how limited I am on size. If I wanted to print something super large on the shirt I have to chop it up into separate screens.

Eventually, with Austin's help, I plan on building a custom T-shirt printing platform so I can make enormous prints.

Actually, I would also need to build a giant UV light box to burn the screens too. Damn.

Anyway, my Printa 770 is a pretty decent basic machine but I can't get too crazy with it. It's made me a ton of cool shirts in the past so I can't say anything bad about it but I just feel like the machine limits my creativity.