Saturday, May 31, 2014

05/30/14 - New Website for!

Mark Lim - We put up a quick website for but nothing works yet.

We used some dummy images and Austin put a picture of him on the site and photoshopped a fake beard to hide a cold sore. It lead to another idea that we should wear tactical beards whenever we went to gun shows to promote shirts which I thought would be pretty funny, and itchy.

I wanted the site to be a little grittier and more detailed so I did another mock up for the site this evening:

I made 3 mock ups before this, each weirder than the last and decided to go with a basic boxy layout instead of the whole crazy wide open area look.

It'll probably be easier to build since it's pretty basic and it will be easier to convert to look good on smartphones.

I'll start working on skinning the site tomorrow morning so we can have it up over the weekend.

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