Saturday, June 7, 2014

Giving away ammo and shirts on instagram!

One of the reasons that Mark and I decided to start this company was access to one of our client's, Bullseye Sport Guns & Ammo, customer base both in the store and online through social media. Once I realized that Mark was a shirt pumping out ninja and that Bullseye would help us move shirts, it was a no brainer.

With Bullseye we had great success growing his audience by giving away ammo, so we're trying to the same thing with Overwatch. Here is the giveaway (GAW) we posted on our Instagram @overwatchapparel;

GAW Time! As the picture says, when@overwatchapparel hits 1,555 followers we will give away 555 rounds of 22lr and 5 shirts to a randomly selected winner. Winner must be either able to pick up the ammo in Riverside @bullseyesport or in a state that I can ship the ammo to. Void where prohibited, many will enter one will win!

So far it hasn't picked up much steam, however I am still very optimistic mainly because a person with over 53,000 followers has said they will share the contest soon!

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